Monday, February 17, 2014

Spontaneous Organization

I love spontaneous organization. It doesn't happen often, but I'm taking advantage of my random spurts of 'nesting'.

spontaneous organization

In one of my previous posts, it was obvious that our garage is quite full. What was not shown were two other shelves that contain more garage stuff than stockpile, but space is a commodity in our garage since we also still put both of our cars in there. This year, we decided to move all of our holiday boxes up into the attic to give us more room. However, after I do some shopping...we run out of room. We had to buy that one shelf with the laundry detergent because I had bought so much in one week that the only place I could put it was my trunk. Oops!

To give us a bit more wiggle room, my mother made a suggestion. There was a good spot above our water filtration system on the wall where we couldn't hang anything that was being wasted. My wreaths were taking up space on my shelf and they were tangled up. It just wasn't good. I grabbed two Command Hooks from Target and put them up on the wall. I waited about 30 minutes {I know the instructions say an hour before you hang anything, but I'm a rebel} and boom! I've got a place to hang the two wreaths that aren't in use and a whole section on one of my shelves that's cleared!

spontaneous organization

Another instance that took only a few seconds to organize and happened on a whim was our kitchen junk drawer. I updated our kitchen calendar to show February & March, so when I went to grab the dry-erase markers I saw that the drawer was kinda messy. I took a bunch of the stuff out, purged the dried up pens, and grabbed two of the Snapware Containers I was able to get at Publix for free a few weeks back. Now I'm thrilled that the candles and matches aren't floating around with the pens and pencils. Its the little things in life, you know?

Now if only I could get back to organizing the office and cleaning up what's currently on my dinning room table. Pulled out all of Little Girl's old baby clothes and I'm currently washing everything. Unfortunately the Space Saver bags brought up old spit-up stains, so washing is a bit slow going.

spontaneous organization

Wish me luck!

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  1. I can relate all too well. My garage...well I keep threatening to post a photo on FB but I have not - I am afraid everyone will run from me!

  2. Yea. Our garage is kind of a mess, but luckily it can't be too bad because we have to fit two cars in there. However, the shelves with all our yard and paint stuff on it are out of control and need to be organized badly. Its on my to-do list, but since I don't see it that often, it always goes on the back-burner. I will eventually get to it! But most likely it'll be because I need the space for toilet paper or laundry detergent. :) Thanks for popping in!